Video killed the Radio

Ilana, 20, french.
Video blog for my art class.

Janelle Monaé - Tightrope (feat. Bi Boi) 

Why do i like this video?  It’s a really catchy song but it also have a meaning who’s not in total adequacy with the happiness who’s convey here. I love those dance moves too. 

Stephen Wiltshire draws NYC (advertising for UBS)

Why do i like this video? I always have been intrigued by people with autism. They may lack of social skills but most of them are just genius. They can do incredibly complex maths problems, or like Stephen remember every windows of every skyscrapers of NYC. I’d really like to go inside their mind. Know how they think, how they see the world. This is just beyond our understanding. We have a lot to learn from autistic people. 

Why do i like this video? What if the world that we live in was the total opposite. What if the people full of hate now, were the one who were bullied everyday. Bullied because they’ve been trying to embrace who they truly are. What if, what if…

You have to watch this. It can only help you to understand the diversity on Earth and maybe you’ll appreciate the world as it is now. 

MōVI - Vincent Laforet

Why do I like this video?

This video shows us a new camera stabilizer. The quality is beyond amazing. The technology is getting better and better each day. How far are we able to go? What is the next step, the eye-camera? This camera stabilizer is worth $15K, but the inventors were giving two of those away. Hope I’ll be one lucky girl haha! Also the short film they made is really incredible. Neat, simple, no dialogues needed. Just perfect. 

Illegal - John X. Carey

Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Echo

Why do I like this video ? 

Rihanna is one of the artists that I admire the most. She accomplished so much at a very young age. I think this song is truly one of the best she did, every . When you pay attention to her expression you can see that she was about to cry at the end. And that’s what make this video even more true and real, for me at least. The video is very simple but i don’t think she needed to add anything to make it better. Her presence and feelings were powerfull enough.

Fantasy - MS MR

Why do i like this video ? I discovered this song by pure hazard. I loved the beats, the music is really catchy because of that. Plus the video clip is really interesting, it tells a very strange story which is why i enjoyed the video. 


Assignment : 30 Second Narrative. 

I absolutely don’t like the way it looks. First of all i was running out of time, i had a few ideas but unfortunately none of them were easy to put in a 30s video so i had to go with the basics. Second of all it was very cold outside, plus i was very tired (as you can see i was shaking that’s why it’s all blurry) so the result is way beyond my expectations. Anyway… one single shot, only 30s (the 5s left are for the ‘final’ transition ha ha), here is my video.